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2018 Affiliate Programs

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We’ve known for years that affiliate programs are the single fastest way to start raking in real money from the Internet.

We’ve proven this fact year in and year out. We made $1,876,503 last year from our own affiliate program (that’s an average of over $5,100 per day, every single day*), and we’ve taught hundreds of our customers and subscribers how to do the same.

(If you’re not already familiar with how an affiliate program works, or you’re not sure how YOUR business will benefit from one, please click here now!)

And the truth is that most online entrepreneurs already know that an affiliate program has the potential to dramatically increase their income and sales.

Affiliate programs allow you to:

  • Easily Enlist An Army of Motivated Affiliates! They’ll work day and night to promote your product or service with no risk to you because it’s a true “win-win” partnership! When they send you a paying customer, you pay them a commission. If they don’t make any sales, it doesn’t matter because it didn’t cost either of you a dime!
  • Advertise Your Business On Every Corner Of The Web — For FREE! It’s easy to get your name, your products, and your URL on sites big and small all across the Internet — at absolutely no cost! — with hundreds, even thousands, of affiliates personally recommending your products and services to their subscriber!
  • Never Lose Money On Ineffective Advertising — Ever Again! You ONLY pay when a sale is made — not merely for impressions or click-throughs. If an affiliate drives visitors to your site, but produces no sales, you owe them nothing. You only ever pay for real sales!
  • Boost Your Sales With Third-Party Recommendations that are far more powerful than you advertising yourself! Just like recommending a movie to a friend, when your affiliates recommend your products to their customers and subscribers, you’ll look that much more credible… and you’ll be as much as 400% more likely to close those sales! 
  • Instantly Capitalize On Other People’s High Search Engine Rankings. Get all of the exposure of the top ranking web sites — without all of the work or expense! All you need to do is go to sites that have already secured a top listing in the search engines and get them to become your affiliates. Then your banner and text link gets all of the visibility they do!

… and much, much more — including a number little-know “hidden” benefits (which I’ll reveal the specifics of to you shortly) like how you’ll be able to use what I call “the snowball effect to grow your affiliate program at lightning speed and have literally thousands of eager salespeople breaking their backs to make YOU money!

Have you been TRICKED into thinking
“this can’t work for MY business”?

Obviously, affiliate programs have the potential to dramatically increase your sales and Internet income. Yet, despite this, only a TINY fraction of Web businesses ever bother to start an affiliate program of their own.

Two BIG myths continue to hold back “regular” people with small and home-based businesses…

Myth #1: Starting an affiliate program is HARD! (Maybe you’ve talked to someone who tried to build their own affiliate program using clunky, mismatched software… Or maybe you’ve heard stories about how it takes forever to get an affiliate program working with your site.)
Myth #2: Starting an affiliate program is EXPENSIVE! (You may have looked around already at some of the more popular affiliate management solutions out there only to discover that they charge thousands –and up to more than $11,500! — just to get started.)

… Most of the affiliate management solutions I’ve seen out there make it sound like starting an affiliate program is rocket science!

They tell you that it will require a TON of work up-front (so that you’ll hire THEIR affiliate program managers to work with you!)…

And they tell you that you’ll need a buy a bunch of different “plug-ins” to make your program work (why don’t they include this with their MAIN solution in the first place?)!

… This is ridiculous!

Yes! … Starting an affiliate program can be hard if you choose the WRONG solution. Because these companies want you to spend 1,000’s of extra dollars on their “extra” management features! (That’s on top of the $1,000’s they charge you for their “not-so-complete” solution up front.)

And yes! … Starting an affiliate program can be expensive if you choose the WRONGsolution… I’ve done the math and seen programs that would cost you over $11,500 in your first year alone!

But it doesn’t NEED to be this way!

Use the SAME system I personally used to make $1,876,053*
with MY OWN Affiliate Program last year alone!

Back in 1996, we started our own affiliate program (this is back in the early days of the `Net, before affiliate programs and really been “discovered” as a marketing strategy).

And we built a solution that we called “AssocTRAC” to manage our program.

We started getting questions from our customers and subscribers about how we were managing our affiliate program (they saw how quickly our business was growing, with 1,000’s of affiliates linking back to our web site with recommendations for our products)… so in 1999 we released Version 1.0 of this solution to the public.

Now, 6 years later, we’re still using AssocTRAC to manage OUR affiliate program of over 70,000+ affiliates who made me over $1,876,053 last year alone.* (Click here to read more about our success…)

And I’m letting 100’s of our customers use this SAME system… (without all the ridiculous fees or hassles).

Because here’s the bottom line: We don’t NEED to sell AssocTRAC.

We’ve already spent over $248,000 developing AssocTRAC to run our OWN affiliate program. And we’ve made a pretty healthy return on that investment already, since our affiliate program has brought in more than $10,000,000 in sales to the business.*

So I’d rather see you start your own affiliate program and be successful than drain your bank account with outrageous fees.

That’s why I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and let you prove to yourself that affiliate programs can be EASY to start and HIGHLY profitable by giving you my brand-new AssocTRAC 4.0 — Affiliate Management & Ad Tracking Solution… risk-free for the next 90 days!

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